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AR menu and AR Packaging
for your Business


QR Codes are now common in the food industry, however, they guide customers to a simple PDF file or your website menu. What if you could let customers preview food with Augmented Reality filters on their smartphones?

Welcome to the Metaverse.

Let customers preview food
in Snapchat before they buy it.

About Us

Through Snapchat AR Filters users can preview food long before they would buy it.

See for yourself

Customers no longer need to wonder from the waiters on how does the chicken look or whether there is enough salad added to their meal. With AR, customers have flexibility and are prone to making a good choice. 

XR Services

AR Lenses. Food Menu

We build AR Experiences that attract audiences to buying products!

AR is a new approach to help customers find your business. Now with expAds, the customer will have the first touch with the product long before visiting your website or physical location of the business.

Let the kids play!

Family oriented restaurants need to provide entertainment to the younger ones. 

Use AR as a means to distract children from their parents. While parents are choosing food, let the kids play around with the branded game of your choice. In the digital experience children also can get a better look at the food items sold in the restaurant.  

We have an almost FANATICAL approach to increasing your business revenue!


By offering options in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and everything in between (XR), SEO, PPC, social media, crowd-funding, website development, mobile applications and branding solutions, we increase your digital footprint with the only focus on beating your competitors on all platforms.

Native integration of 3D models
to Snapchat and Instagram!

Digitalize the dishes

Encourage customers to create 3D scans of your restaurant's favorite dishes! 
Through the Lidar technology customers can scan and expand the menu variability of the restaurant. The more scanned food there is, the happier is the customer!

AR Packaging for consumer products.

AR Packages have a story to tell 

Through AR packaging the users can find out more about the product and develop trust with the brand. 

Augmenting the packaging of the products the brands develop a unique new way of affecting the client and gifting them with a one of a kind opportunity to learn more about the company. 

Conventional Digital Marketing Options

We also offer everything else your business may need in order to establish digital relevance and revenue. Contact us today to get started!

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