We are a mobile application development agency with a team of U.S. based, motivated developers, digital marketing experts, and exciting creative designers.  At the heart of our business is an inexorable commitment to quality, measured performance and customer service. We create positive change.

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At DS&P we come to work excited everyday because we love to solve your business marketing problems and convert your ideas into a working software. We believe that business analytics is the integral part of business. We provide solutions that makes your business thrive, no matter what platform or environment your choose. We always use and work on adopting promising technologies in order to build modern software.


This team put together a working app and helped us to l aunch our business as planned

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Mobile apps vary greatly on price depending on features, platforms, function, development, compatibility and many other factors.  For a custom and accurate quote, contact us below and we will gladly provide a risk-free quote.  

There are many other domestic and foreign app development agencies out there, but none that has the pragmatic approach we bring to the table.  We have a passion for making your ideas into a reality that increases your profits.