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All The Feels: The Power of Emotional Marketing

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Emotions are a powerful thing. They’re key drivers behind our everyday decisions. They are what motivates us to run the extra mile on the treadmill or influence us to have positive emotions towards a brand. That’s because humans are driven by feelings.

the power of emotional marketing

Of course, this is nothing new. In fact, the Greek philosopher Aristotle identified emotion as part of his trinity of persuasion some 23 centuries ago. But what has changed over the years is how easily brands can create an emotional connection to the consumer.

Digital channels have changed the dynamic between brands and their audiences. Meaning, you can now influence an audience every time they look at their phones or open an email. And that’s a powerful tool for any business, because as we all know - emotion sells.

So, how can you use emotions to market your business?

Use Ads To Tell A Story

Audiences love to hear stories. Especially ones that they can empathize with, learn from, or be inspired by. The best ads tend to tap into people’s feelings, so go ahead and tug at their heart strings with an emotion-based campaign.

emotional marketing - humor

Tickle Their Funny Bone

Empathy can be extremely useful when resonating with people, but humor is also an incredibly powerful ally for your business. Audiences can relate to the lighter side of life when you create a humorous experience for them. Not only does it break down walls, but makes your brand or product highly memorable as well.

Use Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the personality you assign to your business and it should touch every aspect of your business from marketing to social media, customer emails, and product descriptions. Essentially it’s what you want people to feel when they interact with your brand.

Engage Their Senses With Color

Color digs deep into our psyche, and is so powerful it can influence thinking and reactions. Did you know that color subconsciously influences 90% of what a person thinks of a product or environment within 90 secs of viewing it? Colors, like people, have a personality so choosing the right color and defining your brand personality can help target the right people and right consumers.

emotional marketing

Remember emotion is all about human connection. If you need help humanizing your brand, don’t worry. DS&P specializes in customer-driven content marketing that is not only personalized for your target audience, but also aids in humanizing your brand to potential and existing customers. Reach out today about our many different branding solutions!


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