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Do It Yourselfer?


Perhaps all you need is a little guidance. If you prefer to do-it-yourself, hire us for an hour of tutoring and we'll answer all the hard questions over zoom and help you overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from launching your own website.  The tutorial also includes unlimited follow up questions for two weeks so we can help you launch your effort as conveniently as possible. 

At DS&P Digital Marketing Agency we have over 10 years of being a part of the Wix Experts network.  We have developed hundreds of websites, and have solved thousands of issues on others as well.  Take advantage of our expertise, industry knowledge and professionalism so that we can enable you to publish your own website while minimizing your expenses.


This team help us finally publish our website and helped us to launch our business as planned

—  Chris from Dallas, Texas


Enigma Vulture dynamic website
The Daily Movers
Ritzy Rentals - Rental Car
Renee Marino - Master Communicators
DS&P Portfolio - Select Energy
GiaRose Children Clothing
HMA Fire
Wapalo Creek Outfitters
Chicago Wine Press

Save yourself countless hours of annoyance, grief and hassle.  The money you will invest in an hour of tutoring will save you so much more. Book us know.

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