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Open House
October 2nd, 2021
Alpha Midway Dance Studio - ​Arlington

Open House Schedule

12:00 PM Check In

12:15 PM Start of Class

12:45 PM End of Class

1:00 PM Q&A, Promo, Chat

1:30 Wrap Up

Join Us!

Who we are?

We are Bence Toth and Jessi Mendoza. We are professional dance partners and are also married in real life. We decided we wanted to share our expertise and love of dancing by opening our very own dance studio.

Bence is originally from Hungary, where he danced competitively for several years. His notable achievements are being named Under 21 Vice-Champion and receiving a nomination to participate in the U21 World Championships.


Bence has travelled extensively around Europe, both training and competing, before moving to the USA in 2018 to teach and dance professionally. Since settling in Texas, he has competed in many Texas state competitions, placing first in Open Rhythm in Sapphire in Austin and becoming vice-champion in Rising Star and Open Rhythm in Texas Challenge in Houston.

Our Ethos

​Dancing is a way of life for us, and we want to share our passion for dance with our students. We offer classes and individual lessons in numerous styles and cater for all abilities.

Benefits of Dance

Excellent Excercise

Dancing is excellent exercise. It is easy on your muscles and joints while still giving them a great workout as it is low-impact. You can burn between 200-400 calories in just half an hour of dancing, which soon adds up if you are dancing on several nights of the week.

Mental Health

Dancing is also fabulous for your mental health and well-being. The social aspect of classes can have a positive impact on your mental health by reducing loneliness. Dancing is also proved to improve cognitive function, especially in the elderly.

Benefits for Children

Dancing also has a wealth of benefits for children. It can help motivate children to stay active and is an excellent way to keep fit without even realizing they are keeping fit! Dancing also encourages creativity and socialization. Making new friends who have the same interest as you is one of the enormous benefits of dancing for young people.

Open House
October 2nd, 2021
Alpha Midway Dance Studio - ​Arlington

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