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What is SEO And How It Works

If you are a business owner, you have probably heard about SEO, and how it can completely revolutionize your revenue streams and capitalize on the digital revolution. But what exactly is SEO, and why is it that important? Does it work for every business? Will it really increase my revenue? These are some of the questions we commonly hear from prospective clients, and we decided to address it in our blog today.

What is SEO And How It Works - DS&P

WHAT IS SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy that allows your google listing and your website to move up the rankings in your industry, with the ultimate goal of being the number one listing in search results. In other words, when someone goes to Google and does a search in your industry or services, you will show up first, or at the very least, on the first page. This takes a concerted effort on several fronts and there must be a calculated marketing effort to make this a reality. Keep in mind that just like you, your competitors may be also doing SEO, so the more effective you are, the better the results.

DO YOU GUARANTEE WE WILL BE #1? Although it is impossible to guarantee you the #1 spot for several reasons, we will not rest until we place you on page one of Google SERPs, and our objective is to place you number one. We will use our expertise and knowledge in the online marketing industry to make your goal a reality, and the pragmatic goal to the campaign is to INCREASE YOUR REVENUE, and perhaps make your SEO efforts the main and biggest source of new income for your business. Having said that, one of the factors that can affect how quickly and effective the campaign might be, is the fact that many other businesses are seeking the same placement too and might be ahead of your business doing SEO as well. What we do is improve your ranking naturally over time. The #1 spot can be achieved, but that depends on a list of variables which we will try to adjust to your advantage. HOW FAST WILL I START MOVING UP THE RANKINGS? We have seen business ranking as soon as two weeks in some very rare

What is SEO And How It Works - DS&P

occasions. However, it is important to be aware that SEO is a marathon not a sprint. Good SEO will usually take at least 3 months in order to see significant improvements. Again SEO will always be a marathon not a sprint. As long as you are clear on the goals and objectives, and have clear expectations on the project, I can assure you will be pleased with the results. WILL AN SEO SERVICE INCREASE MY REVENUE? DS&P has a very pragmatic approach to SEO and all your online advertising efforts unlike many of our competitors who concentrate on clicks, statistics, numbers, and other meaningless data. Increasing your revenue is our ONLY goal. The biggest difference between DS&P and all of our competitors is that their only objective is to increase your ranking. We, in the other hand, try to make sure that along with a higher ranking, we try to increase the amount of potential clients that will purchase from you, attempting to adjust your conversion rate over time. We engage in a full-fledged effort that will increase your marketing effectiveness. And this is VERY KEY to increasing your revenue. WHAT KIND OF REVENUE GROWTH CAN I EXPECT? Although each industry, region and marketplace is different, we have seen on our existing clients an average growth of 1% a month in revenue once the SEO marketing effort has matured. Even thou the first few months the progress may be slow, we ALWAYS see a long term positive effect and result on your efforts. Because SEO is more of a science than a lucky draw, a properly done campaign will always provide a financial benefit to your company. Please see the link below for an online ROI calculator you can use as reference for your own benefit. Let us know if you would like us to create a scenario with your specific numbers, or if you have any questions on that regard: DO I GET REPORTS? Yes, you will receive a monthly report that will track your position it the SERP for

What is SEO And How It Works - DS&P

specific keywords or services we are targeting. You will also see a monthly report on the amount of traffic to your website. If you decide to engage in a Google AdWords campaign, you will also receive a monthly statement for that too. The beauty of SEO online marketing is that everything is traceable. We will never ask you to trust us blindly. The object is to see a slow and steady increase in traffic, effectiveness and eventually, revenue.

Do you have questions? Or are you ready to get started and see your business and revenue grow? Fill out the form below.

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