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How To Get Your Business Found on Google

How To Get Your Business Found on Google - DS&P

Because search engine users are searching most frequently on their phones and tablets rather than on desktop computers, Google will now often prioritize local business content over major brands in search results. This is great news if you own a local business.

This is a big change for the number one search engine, and can be very beneficial for a local business – especially “claimed” local businesses. Because claimed businesses send strong signals to Google that they are active, cared-for establishments in a confirmed location, Google gives them a higher ranking over others in search engine results pages. A "claimed" business means someone that has administrative rights to your google maps page.

To have a strong placement on search pages, claim your business in authoritative directories, such as Google My Business, Urbanspoon,, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, and even some local directory-style sites. Once you’ve claimed your business page, make sure you fill out all the information consistently and completely — don’t skip over the business hours and photos section. A comprehensive listing will help you stand out from your competitors and give search engines more usable structured data and information.

Other possible benefits on Google from verifying your business pages include:

  • Your business may show up in Google’s local carousel results (the row of images across the top of the search engine result pages).

  • Your business may show up on Google’s Map on Search Engine Results Pages.

  • Your business may show up more frequently on mobile device searches.

  • All of which brings more locals to your door and inside your store.

How To Get Your Business Found on Google - DS&P

Now that you know the importance search engines place on claimed businesses, contact us today to see how DS&P can help you not only claim your business, but establish a successful and effective online marketing campaign. Our clients are constantly experiencing the bulk of new business and new revenue from their online efforts. Questions? Fill out the form below.

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