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Stop Worrying About Bugging People

This might be one of the most silly and irrational thoughts I battle...

And it's not just's a TON of my clients and students.

Stop Worrying About Bugging People - DS&P - Digital Marketing Agency

"I don't want to email or post too much because I don't want to bug people. It's so annoying!"

I remember the first time I had an epiphany about this niggly annoying thought that I knew logically was bullsh*t, but couldn't seem to figure out how to get rid of it.

It happened on a Black Friday a year or two ago.

I knew that inboxes would be flooded with offers. I knew the newsfeed would be crowded. And I had this thought of "Well, I'm not going to email my people because I don't want to be a bother...". Now that I look back, I'm almost certain it was followed with a level of false humility that made me feel like I was better than everyone else. I should've smacked myself.

Reminds me some current marketers who use extreme marketing tactics to hate on all marketers about marketing...but I digress.

But then it hit me...

I (and millions of other people) would be bothered anyway.

In fact, we're all going to be bothered everyday...until the end of days.

Unless you plan to eliminate all technology from your life forever and go live in the woods with the fairies and gnomes (a noble quest I imagine wouldn't be such a bad life)... we ALL will be bothered with advertising and marketing...forever.


Stop Worrying About Bugging People - DS&P - Digital Marketing Agency

I never did get it together enough for a sale that year, but I did notice about 567 offers for similar products hitting my inbox that weekend. And that's when I realized another universal truth.

People would BUY stuff, whether I sold my thing or not.

It's like the marketplace I went to in Nairobi Kenya this past summer. All the merchants are there, selling similar goods. There were a LOT of them and some were SUPER pushy. Imagine if one shop owner said, "Yeah - well I don't want to bother people at the market, so I'll just stay home today." would not stop all the other shop owners for setting up their tents, and #2 it wouldn't stop people from coming to buy because that's what people do. People like to BUY things!

If you truly believe that you have a product or service that your customer needs....

• If you know that it will help them....

• If you have the keys to what they want....

• If you are an good human who likes to sell quality products with honest marketing...

Then this thought of "I don't want to bug people..." is not just irrational, it's harmful.

Not bugging people won't eliminate bugging, it won't eliminate people purchasing. All it will do is make it MORE likely that your dream customer is going to waste money buying the WRONG thing because you were too scared, nervous, falsely humble to get your stuff out there and own it.

Anyway, I have no idea how to end this email smoothly (LOL).

It's just true.

Stop Worrying About Bugging People - DS&P - Digital Marketing Agency

Stop worrying about bugging people.

Take a look at the things you're procrastinating on today. Maybe it's getting new ads up. Or maybe it's finishing a funnel. Or writing an email. Or writing that post you've been meaning to write. If your procrastination station is filled with revenue generating customer connecting tasks like this, chances are you're worried about putting yourself out there in some way because you don't want to be a bother or be annoying.

Do it anyway!

Julie Stoian - Create Your Laptop Life - Accessed November 2018

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