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Why The Oscar Campaigns Are The Real Winners

If you thought only political campaigns were cut-throat and competitive - think again! Oscar campaigning can be just as aggressive and extremely strategic. In fact, Hollywood studios and production companies not only hire consultants and strategists, but they also spend millions of dollars trying to get their movie to be an Oscar contender. The New York Times recently revealed that the figure can even run studios upwards of $15 million!

DS&P - Oscar Statue

So, why all the hoop-la?

Movies need campaign buzz to get noticed. The buzz they create can be the difference between making the movie a box-office success or bomb. It can also be the difference between going home with a coveted statue, or going home a loser.

To make the campaign a success, Hollywood studios and production companies rely heavily on ads, lobbying, parties, screeners, interviews, and more to get as many eyes on a movie, and hopefully, also create a narrative for an Oscar-worthy film. That’s why when a movie is coming out, you see your favorite stars doing press, attending parties, film festivals, luncheons, screening events, and just about anything, hoping you will be influenced to see their movie.

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These campaigns have gotten so out of control, even stars like Susan Sarandon have publicly called for “finance reform” on Oscar campaigning, stating that it would be a “fairer race” for smaller budget movies to be noticed. But that’s not the only downside to campaigning, there’s even been talks of studios starting rumors and bad press for competitors, and damaging their chance of taking home an Oscar. Talk about questionable tactics!

Look, at the end of the day, one thing is for certain. Marketing campaigns matter. Whether you realize it or not, you’re influenced by what you see and what you hear every day. Similarly, if you want to get your business noticed, you have to market it. You can’t expect dramatic results, unless you promote and advertise your product or services.

The good news is you don’t have to spend $15 million on a marketing campaign! We here at DS&P pride ourselves on providing excellent marketing strategies at the fraction of the cost! Reach out to us today to start your next marketing campaign, or discuss your business plans and goals with us.

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