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Why Women Over 40 Are Successfully Launching New Businesses

It’s no secret that in today’s workplace, businesswomen have to not only deal with gender pay gaps, but also a lack of advancement opportunities. More and more companies are marketing themselves to millennials, hoping that the younger generation will bring bright ideas and a fresh perspective. So where does this leave the middle-aged crowd?

It leaves them tired, frustrated, and ready to take on a whole new career path. In fact, a recent Paychex survey revealed, women were more likely than men to say they were eager to start a business because they want to work for themselves.

Take, Brenda Cascio from GB Design Home for example. She spent most of her professional time managing her husband’s dental practice, but in her late 40’s she decided to take her degree in Fine Arts and pursue something more creative. That led her to start her own wedding and event planning studio, which not only rakes in over a million dollars annually, but has also received attention from celebrities and major fashion brands.

Vera Wang is also an example of a successful businesswoman who started out later on in life. The fashion designer didn’t start her own label until after 40 after designing her own wedding gown.

It goes to show that when it comes to business, it’s never too late to start. As a matter of fact, think of your age as an advantage and not a disadvantage. It can take time to find your calling.

Besides, we all know that with age comes experience. Not only from life experiences, but also being part of a generation of women who have worked in a male-dominated workforce. It gives you an edge that no amount of schooling or education can teach.

Whether you’re over 40 and starting a new business or not, we here at DS&P are here to serve your every business needs. From website development, to branding, and marketing strategy, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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