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A Chat With DS&P Founder and CEO, Danny Coello.

A few weeks ago we learned how DS&P started from a small printing business in Texas and grew into the full-fledged Digital Marketing Agency it is today, with offices throughout the United States, and a team of designers, strategists, developers, engineers, and fellow entrepreneurs.

DS&P Founder and CEO Danny Coello

The man behind the company’s success of course, is none other than Founder and CEO, Danny Coello. It’s clear when you talk to Danny, his entrepreneurial spirit and mindset are the driving force behind DS&P. I had a quick chat with him to discuss the company and asked him a few questions regarding the future, as well as what he’s learned along the way.

In regards to DS&P, how would you describe success?

My success and my client's success are closely tied together. If they are successful, so are we.

What has been your biggest failure thus far, and what did you learn from it?

There have been a couple of significant growth spurts the business has experienced in its 11 years, which have prevented us from giving our best to our clients. This due to the sudden influx of new projects and not enough staff to cover them in a timely manner. I have tried as much as possible to forecast this kind of issue to be prepared, but on those two occasions, the growth has superseded my plans. I have learned from these experiences and I'm planning ahead to make sure it won't happen again.

When did you realize that DS&P had the potential to become more than a side hustle?

I'm an entrepreneur at heart, and for that reason I honestly believe that any service or product that can be sold at a profit has the potential to become more than a side hustle if you devote enough time, effort and planning. I remember about 6 years ago, when I was working three jobs just so I can inject capital to the business and keep it afloat, I had to make a decision: Do I continue to work on my other two jobs, playing it safe, but at the same time stifling business growth, or do I take the plunge and dive head first into the business in order to make it grow to its full potential? I chose the latter, and God has blessed me beyond my expectations.

DS&P Founder and Owner Danny Coello

Where do you see DS&P in 10 years?

I'm creative at heart, and I'm finally at a point in the business where I can focus a little more on growth strategies and new services. I want to make sure I can continue to give the agency, and my clients, a competitive advantage. We are at an age in which even puppies and cats have their own social media pages, and this is good and bad. There is a lot of "noise" out there. There are new and exciting platforms outside of the conventional social media channels where we can offer our clients that competitive advantage I crave. I wish I could give you more information about what I'm working on, but if I tell you... I'd have to kill you. :) These new exciting opportunities will be rolled out in due time.

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