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8 Ways Holiday Email Marketing Can Boost Sales

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And for some business owners it's the busiest and most lucrative time of the year as well. In 2021, holiday sales passed the $1 trillion mark for brick and mortars, while eCommerce surged to $200 billion despite the economy.

holiday email marketing to boost sales

If you want your holiday sales season to be merry and bright, there’s one thing you will need: a solid email marketing plan. Despite what you might think, email marketing is still one of the greatest ways to attract new customers, while retaining current customers.


It has a potential return on investment of up to 4400%.

We’re not joking.

For starters, 99% of Americans check their emails every day, and some of us check our email as much as 20 times a day. After all, with the rise of mobile use, checking our email is quick and easy. In fact, according to statistics from Adestra, consumers prefer email for communicating with the brands.

So, how can you fit email into your holiday marketing plans? Here are some tips to prepare you for success this upcoming holiday season.

Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

Remember how we said that mobile use is on the rise? Today’s consumer relies on their smartphones to get information, and research shows a growing number of consumers are doing their holiday shopping on mobile devices. You want to make sure your newsletters, promotions, and informational emails are all mobile-friendly to maximize success.

Keep It Fun & Festive

With so many emails hitting subscribers’ inboxes this season you want to make sure to grab customers attention through fun holiday imagery and design. For the subject line add a holiday snowman, Santa, or a tree emoji for some added holiday flair.

Send A Holiday Gift Guide

Some holiday shoppers wait till the last minute because they don’t know what to buy. If inspiration is what your customers need, give it to them. Create a gift guide that gives subscribers some ideas.

Personalize It With Smart Tags

Did you know emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened? Keep your email off the chopping block by including smart personalization like using subscribers’ first names with smart tags.

Announce Holiday Products

Have new holiday arrivals or want to highlight products that will make great holiday gifts? Send customers a quick reminder you have something special for everyone on their list.

Promote Your Holiday Sales

Encourage your customers to buy something with discounts and promotions on big shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday to drive sales.

Provide Useful Information

Sure, holiday shoppers want exclusive deals and sales, but you should also use your emails to communicate important information like the last day for shipping in time for Christmas, when a holiday promotion will end, or when your inventory is running low on popular products.

Don’t Send Too Many Emails

It’s also worth mentioning that sending too many emails is the #1 reason customers unsubscribe from mailing lists. Don’t overload their inbox, instead start small and ramp up your efforts as the holidays approach.

By using these strategic marketing tactics we hope that your business can capitalize on the opportunities that the holiday season offers. Need help improving your holiday marketing? At DS&P we have an almost fanatical approach to increasing your revenue. Contact us to discuss how we can maximize your success.


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