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Become a Google Super Power User

(Or Power Villain. It's up to you.)


Everyone wants to be the hero of their own story. A hero rises to the occasion. They jump through hurdles and challenges without a sweat. They’re brave and courageous. No wonder our childhoods are filled with books and movies of fictional superheroes who are capable of incredible feats of strength.

Google Power User

But even the toughest of superheroes have some degree of intelligence. Even if you’re more an evil villain, (no judgement here), the one thing they all have in common is their brains. After all, a villain is only as good as their evil plan.

Just like a hero (or villain) uses their smarts to unlock hidden doors and secret passageways, you can unlock Google’s secrets of search and become a power user.

From using an ‘intitle’ option to search for a specific word in a title, to researching local businesses using ‘location’, and using an asterisk in place of a word you can’t remember. Utilizing these tools can create a much easier way to navigate the web and step up your Google Search game.

Here’s a cool infographic to help you unlock your power user potential.

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