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Creative Ways Companies Are Helping Out During The COVID-19 Crisis

As the Coronavirus spread across the US in early March, many companies were left scrambling as sales sunk and stores became idle due to the pandemic. However, some companies have somehow managed to see opportunities to help through the chaos and have pivoted their business models to find ways to contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

Creative ways companies are helping covid-19

DetraPel for example, a stain-repellent company decided to shift gears and start making disinfectants to help fight the virus's spread. Bauer Hockey, a manufacturer of ice hockey equipment also decided to change lanes from making visors for hockey helmets to producing medical visors for health care workers fighting the outbreak.

Even major companies like AirBnb, Bacardi, GM and Ford have found new ways to help out in the wake of COVID-19. Bacardi is using its facilities around the world to help make desperately needed hand sanitizer. AirBnb is finding and providing accommodations for first responders. GM and Ford switched from making pickup trucks to crucial ventilators for severe patients.

Bacardi hand sanitizer

There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has created both public health and economic crises for Americans, but for some companies, the key to survival has been to adapt and be resourceful in the wake of pandemic. Not only have their efforts benefited them financially, but in most cases it has benefited them in a PR standpoint. It’s a win-win.

What about your company? Has it adapted during this crisis? Find out how we can help. Reach out to us today!

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