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Creative Ways Small Businesses Are Thriving Through Social Distancing

These are challenging times for all small business owners. From restaurants to gift shops to cleaning services, businesses of every kind are scrambling to survive as many Americans are taking refuge from the virus and are sheltering-in-place.

In this unprecedented time, things are not business as usual, so small businesses across America are finding new and creative ways to make things work. Here are few strategies resourceful business owners are doing in our social-distancing marketplace.

Photographer, Dave Puente, offered social distancing portraits for families in the Denver area by having families come out to the porch of their home while he photographed from a safe distance.

Yoga Samadhi, a yoga studio in White Salmon, WA that had to close due to COVID-19, started offering their classes online by creating an online service with Zoom and charging $75 per session.

Necker’s Toyland, a toy store in Simsbury, CT, is offering a FaceTime browsing option, virtually walking kids around the store, and offering curbside pickup during this pandemic.

There’s no question these are challenging times for us all, but the good news is that in our digital world, there are plenty of ways to stay connected to your customers and keep your businesses moving forward.

At DS&P we are fully committed to doing everything we can to keep your business going through these difficult times. Whether it’s helping you automate online orders, create online ads, or increase your social media presence, we can help you stay connected to your local community. Reach out today!

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