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Digital Marketing and Ethics: How Are Agency Is Taking A Stand

As privacy and tracking transparency becomes more and more of a hot topic issue in the Digital Marketing sphere, we thought we’d weigh in on our own code of ethics.

digial marketing and ethics

First and foremost, we are firm believers that Digital Marketing works within boundaries. We ourselves don’t like to volunteer information that we don’t need to, so we wouldn’t expect you or your customers to do so either. Privacy matters. Ethics matters.

We strongly believe that to be successful in the world of Digital Marketing (and every business for that matter) to have a long lasting presence and impact on the market means to be ethical above all else.

Ethics is something that is lasting, builds the future of your brand, creates consumer loyalty and overall longevity of your brand.

Small Businesses should not fall into a trap or be tempted by the promise of a quick win marketing strategy. If your online marketing strategy is not framed by a very clear set of ethics, your entire business might come crashing down.

marketing ethics

At DS&P we come from a small business to grow small businesses. We have a team of entrepreneurs who know what it’s like to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and create a business out of nothing but vision, hard work, and responsible and ethical business practices.

If you want to learn more about our agency and the trust we instill in each of our clients contact us today to see what we can do for you and your business.


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