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Does Your Logo Suck?

So you think you have a kick-ass logo, but in reality it looks like a 5 year old designed it. Hey, it’s OK. Bad logos happen to good people. We’re not judging. (Maybe a little.)

Like a quarantine haircut, desperate times call for desperate measures. But now that you’ve realized the error of your ways, it’s time to take action. Customers can be fickle and if your business logo sucks it literally can make or break your business. Just take a look at these embarrassing logos below.

A well-designed business logo on the other hand, not only attracts customers, but is the single most visible manifestation of the company. It’s much more than a graphical representation, it’s an anchor, and a foundation for the branding of your company, no matter how big or small.

If your logo is outdated, does not look good across all formats, hard to read, or gives off the wrong impression about your company - it’s time to head back to the drawing board and start fresh on a new logo.

Effective logos are simple and well-balanced. They consist of various elements including colors, fonts, and graphics to come together to reflect your company’s unique identity and target the right people and right consumers.

Look, designing a logo is not easy. We know that defining your brand personality and choosing a visual representation of your company can seem daunting and overwhelming, that’s why we make our branding solutions easy for you! We have a unique logo design process that includes:

  • Design brief and discussions

  • Market research

  • Mock-ups

  • Feedback

  • Delivery

We’ll create a logo that sets you apart from the competition and fits your brand personality to market your business for future growth and success. Reach out today to get started!

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