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Expert Tips On Creating B2B Content On LinkedIn [Infographic]

At first glance, LinkedIn might not seem so impressive. It’s smaller than other social networks and it certainly doesn’t have the largest reach. But upon closer inspection you’ll find that LinkedIn has built up a reputation as ‘the’ social media site for B2B - with 80% of social media leads coming from the professional networking site. That means, if your business creates products and services geared toward other businesses, you need to be on LinkedIn. It’s as simple as that.

tips on b2b linkedin content

There's an incredible opportunity to connect with influencers, potential clients and employees, and boost traffic to your site that shouldn’t go untapped. However, building an audience is one thing and creating “thumb-stopping” content that catches the attention of potential customers is another thing. That’s why LinkedIn has published a guide on effective B2B marketing, that highlights some of the key elements to consider when putting together a campaign.

The following infographic highlights some key points mentioned, but the full 17 pocket guide is definitely worth a look too.

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