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Facebook vs Google reviews: Which matter more?

If you’re a business owner you know that customers talk and the internet listens. Reviews/Feedback is the best way to drastically improve your brand visibility and presence. Apart from that, it can instill trust and confidence in your users and give them a reason to purchase from your brand and become your customers.

Google and Facebook reviews are a prime source for people looking to know more about a business. But which review site has more power? Which one should you focus on and is better for your small business? Let’s compare.

Facebook Reviews

With over three billion users, it’s no secret that Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and is a platform that businesses need to establish a presence on.

The more positive Facebook reviews you have, the more will increase your business’ visibility on Facebook. However, Facebook reviews do not have any effect on search engine rankings, and while your Facebook page can appear on search engine results pages, the reviews have no impact on SEO (search engine optimization).

Google Reviews

Facebook may be the king of social media, but Google is the number one search engine used around the world. And due to the sheer amount of traffic Google receives daily, it’s by far the leading review site for businesses small and large.

It goes without saying that this makes Google a prime target for businesses looking to get customer reviews. Any Google search for a business or service will instantly display a business page which makes it vital to collect Google reviews as these not only make your business more clickable, but more SEO-friendly. Which means the more positive Google reviews your business receives, the more it will outrank competitors when relevant search terms are typed into Google while also increasing organic website traffic in the process.


Both Google and Facebook are valuable review sites, each offering many advantages for improving your business’ reach, visibility, traffic, and sales. Still, due to the amount of daily traffic Google receives as the go-to search engine for customers, it arguably has the upper hand.

The good news is you don’t need to choose between the two — your business can, and should, make use of both. If you’d like to grow your base of positive reviews and your business as a whole, DS&P has SEO experts that can help get your business noticed online. Contact us today to get started!


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