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Is Your Company The Comic Sans of Small Businesses?

Ah, Comic Sans. The world’s most hated font. Even in this divisive society we live in, at least we can all agree, everyone loves to hate comic sans.

Comic Sans Pop Art

The infamous font has caused media storm outrage when it’s been used for official documents and statements. Like when Cleveland Caveliers owner, Dan Gilbert, wrote a letter regarding the dramatic departure of LeBron James, or most recently, when the entire world lost its mind over former Trump attorney John Dowd, penning a legal letter to Congress, in you guessed it, Comic Sans.

So what’s the big deal with Comic Sans anyway?

You see, originally the child-like font was created for little comic-book style speech bubbles in programs like Microsoft Word. However, because of it’s playful handwritten appearance it became popular in primary schools and other childcare organizations. Pretty soon, hospitals, restaurants, police stations, and corporate businesses starting printing serious information and newsletters in this comical font.

The result? Outrage. People don’t like Comic Sans because they don’t take what it says seriously.

comic sans hate

If you want your business to succeed, don’t be like Comic Sans. You’ve worked too hard to get your business up and running for others to see it as a joke.

Maybe your website looks like a 5 year old did it and needs help?

Maybe you have no idea what you’re doing on social media and are driving potential customers away?

Whatever it is that is stopping your business from reaching it’s true potential, it’s time to take a proactive business approach today and give your company the marketing strategy it deserves.

You owe it to yourself and to your business to be taken seriously.

Let’s talk today about how we can take your company to the next level with digital marketing and ad solutions. To get started, fill out the form below or call us at 312-684-7200

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