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Marketing To Generation Z: What You Need To Know

In recent years, there’s been a misconception that millenials and Gen Z are basically the same thing. At first glance, you might just lump them in the same “young adults” group, but these 2 generations have subtle differences and these differences can mean big changes when it comes to your marketing strategies.

First, let’s establish that Generation Z is anyone born between 1995 to the mid 2000s. Unlike millennials, this is the first generation that has had easy access to technology most of their lives. While millennials did grow up with DVDs and dial up internet, most Gen Z kids grew up with access to iPads, smartphones, and streaming services. They don’t remember a time before it, therefore their attachment to technology is different.

So, why is it important to start targeting this younger demographic? Well, for one thing they have a strong buying power. In 2020, Gen Z will command 40% of all consumer shopping, and 82 percent of parents say their Gen Z offspring influence household spending. Those numbers are nothing to scoff at.

So, how can you reach this iGeneration?

You Need To Be Quicker Than That

8 seconds to be exact. That’s the average attention span of Gen Z. That’s 4 seconds less than their millennial counterparts. That means you only have a few seconds to convince them that your ad, blog post, etc. is worth their time—otherwise they move on.

Throw Your Traditional Marketing Out The Window

Gen Zer’s are immune to obvious marketing campaigns. They’ve grown up with the internet their whole life, so they need to see real, relatable people. They’re not interested in hard sells. They want stories and experiences. They want your products and services to provide value to them and meet their needs.

Mobile Devices Are Their Bloodline

This generation is heavily connected to their smartphones. In fact, 74 percent of Gen Zer’s spend five hours or more every day online, and 71% say they do most of their online shopping with a mobile device. The only way to attract this young crowd is to create mobile videos, mobile ecommerce sites, or other phone-based experiences that cater to them. You should also be sure to market yourself on platforms that are already mobile, such as major social media apps.

Building Your Brand Trust Is Key

While it’s absolutely crucial to build your brand trust for all consumers and generations, Gen Z heavily relies on customer engagement and online reviews to determine a brand’s authenticity. 41% of this generation read at least five online reviews before making a purchase or stepping foot in a brick-and-mortar store, and 76% of them want a brand to respond to them online, otherwise it negatively impacts their opinion of your brand.

They also appreciate a brand they can relate to and stand for something. They admire values and missions. In fact, 60 percent of Gen-Zers want to positively change the world through their work, so they want to shop brands that can do the same.

It goes without saying that marketing to this generation might feel different in many ways, from marketing to other generations, but if done right can be very rewarding and beneficial to your business.

But if it all seems overwhelming to you, don’t fret - we can create a digital marketing plan that works for you and boosts brand trust and loyalty with your Gen Z audience. Contact us today!

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