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NOW OFFERING: The Power of TV Advertising For Your Small Business

On behalf of everyone at DS&P, we are thrilled to announce our newest addition to our digital marketing services - TV advertising! Like any new member of the family, it’s getting the most attention because we’re excited about the vast opportunities Connected TV Advertising can offer you and your small business!

connected tv advertising

What Is Connected TV?

Connected TV refers to premium content through streaming apps, like Hulu, Prime Video, or Apple TV or on a smart TV like Roku. Ads are served before content or during traditional commercial breaks.

Why Connected TV Advertising?

Connected TV can help get your ads on the big screen without the big price tag. It also allows you to reach a highly-engaged audience that have cut the cord and aren’t watching cable anymore, while also mixing up your marketing mix as well.

smart tv advertising

The Power Of Connected Advertising

With more than 164 million U.S. users accessing video content via connected TV devices and predicted to grow by up to 204.1 million viewers in 2022, it is no surprise that connected TV is the future of media. In the U.S. alone, more than 50% of the population has a TV-connected device in their home, as the number of Smart TV’s and devices in households exceeded the 1 billion mark in 2019.

How Can You Get Started?

Getting started is quick and easy! Just contact us at to unleash the power of TV ads today!


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