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Sublimotion: The World’s Most Unique Multisensory Dining Experience Will Blow Your Mind.

Just when you thought haute cuisine couldn’t be any more unique, here comes Sublimotion. The show-stopping multisensory dining adventure in Ibiza is the brainchild of Michelin starred chefs Paco Roncero and Eduardo Gonzales, and is considered the world’s most expensive restaurant.

sublimotion multisensory dining experience

What makes it so expensive and unique, you ask?

Only 12 lucky diners a night feast on avant-garde cuisine in a high-tech, interactive space that is an authentic blank canvas that is transformed over the course of an incredible 20-course sampling menu created by some of the world’s most prestigious chefs in order to offer you an interactive spectacle that lasts three hours and will become the culinary experience of your life.

To complete the experience, diners are handed a Samsung Gear VR (virtual reality headset) that immerses them in a mind-blowing fantasy world during their meal.

The unprecedented gastronomic experience is also masterminded by famous film directors, award-winning composers, famous DJs, and brilliant illusionists who all bring a taste of Ibiza nightlife and blur the boundaries of reality during the theatrical dinner.

So, how much will this premier dinner set you back? Only 1,500€ per person, which some would say is a small price to pay for an out of this world experience.

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