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Survey: Shoppers Open to Using AI Search to Discover Products

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, search engines are continuously innovating to enhance user experience. According to a recent survey by Botify, a significant portion of consumers believe that AI-powered search engines could simplify the process of discovering products and services. This insight is crucial for search marketers, who often view search trends differently than the average user. Understanding consumer perceptions of AI search can help marketers adapt their strategies effectively.

Why We Care

As search marketers, we need to stay attuned to how consumers perceive and utilize search technologies. While we may be quick to adopt and adapt to new tools, user behavior tends to change more gradually. This survey serves as a reminder that the transition from traditional search methods to AI-powered search will likely be slow and steady.

By the Numbers

The survey conducted by Botify reveals some compelling statistics:

  • Familiarity with Generative Search: 44% of respondents were familiar with AI-driven generative search. This familiarity was notably higher among Millennials and Gen Z, with 58% of both groups recognizing the technology. In contrast, 74% of Baby Boomers were unfamiliar with it.

  • Satisfaction with AI Search Results: 37% of those who had tried AI-driven search engines found the results more satisfying than traditional search results.

  • Search Behavior Changes: While 34% of respondents reported no change in their search behavior with AI, 28% indicated that they now make more detailed search queries, and 9% said they write longer prompts.

  • Preference for AI-Generated Results: When given a choice between traditional search results and AI-generated results for the same query, 56% of respondents preferred the AI-generated results.

Online Shopping Trends

AI search appears to be particularly appealing for online shopping. Forty-one percent of respondents identified online shopping as their primary reason for using AI search engines. Other significant reasons included staying updated with the latest news (19%) and seeking health-related information (12%).

Moreover, a majority of respondents (55%) believe that AI-generated search results have the potential to make it easier to discover products and services. This is a promising insight for e-commerce platforms and marketers aiming to enhance the shopping experience.

Faster Answers with AI

Although 36% of respondents have yet to try AI search, 25% have experimented with it, primarily to test the new technology. Among these users, 17% cited faster answers as their main reason for using AI-powered search. The chatbot-style responses offered by AI search engines provide quick and efficient solutions, which is a significant draw for consumers looking for immediate information.

*About the Survey: The data from this survey was collected by Dynata, an independent market research company, on behalf of Botify. The survey included 1,000 US respondents aged 18 and older and was conducted in February.

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