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The Ultimate Small Business Guide To Online Marketing

Times have changed. Long gone are the days of cold calling and sending thousands of unsolicited mailers to market and promote your business. In today’s digital world, a small business that doesn’t have the appropriate online marketing strategies will lose to competitors that do. Plain and simple.

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It’s time to start an effective marketing strategy that translates to the digital world we live in today. But how can you stay competitive and still connect with customers? Follow our online marketing guide to grow your business and increase sales.

Use Organic Online Marketing

Organic online marketing are simple steps you can take to boost your rank in search engines and drive people to your site, also known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

For example: Claiming and managing your Google My Business page, creating blog content, engaging your audience on social media with posts, creating social posts that market your brand, site, or product, etc.

All these tasks work to ensure you are growing your online presence organically.

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Know Your Audience When It Comes To Ads

Online ads come in a variety of styles and options. To effectively target the right audience and optimize your budget, it’s crucial that you have a deep understanding of your ideal customer.

For example: Do you want to reach a certain business or industry? Is your product or service geared towards millennials and Gen Z’ers? Do you want to target people who already have a relationship with your company?

Creating a detailed customer base will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Invest In Paid Search Advertising

When people think of online advertising, they most likely think of paid search advertising. This is where you pay search engines, like Google, to advertise your company using keywords.

For example: if you google “food delivery”, you will get a list of companies like UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, as well as other local companies that deliver food in your area.

With over 3.5 billion google searches everyday, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular and effective types of online advertising.

Paid Social Advertising Is A Must

80% of the U.S. population uses social media, and 1.5 billion people use it on a daily basis. Naturally, paid social media advertising is one of the easiest ways to reach your audience.

Platforms like Facebook make it simple to create an ad and target specific users based on demographics, interests, and behavior. Furthermore, it has the capability to create link ads, image ads, video ads, slideshow ads, lead generation ads and more.

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has similar capabilities, and is the perfect platform to reach a younger generation, since 64% of their users aged 18-29. While, LinkedIn is better suited for B2B. This particular platform has a significantly smaller reach, but professionals use the platform daily to update their profiles and can generate leads for your business. No matter what social media platform you choose, there’s a fantastic opportunity to reach a wider audience and grow your business.

Now that you know a little bit of what online marketing entails, you might be asking yourself how you can use all this information to help your business? That’s where we come in!

At DS&P, we specialize in customer-driven content that is not only personalized for your target audience, but also aids in humanizing your brand to potential and existing customers. We provide social media management and develop a winning strategy to market your products or services. Ready to give our online marketing services a go? Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!

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