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This Social Media Platform Reigns Among Gen Z Teens (And It’s Not Tik Tok)

Anyone who has talked to a teenager in the past five years knows teens are abandoning Facebook like it’s the Titanic. Twitter is another social media platform that does not appeal to teens, calling both social media platforms “outdated, boring, misleading and negative” according to a recent study by Pew Research Center. So what social media sites are they staring at on their phones and why is it important for your marketing strategy?

Well, for one thing they have a strong buying power. In 2022, Gen Z will command 40% of all consumer shopping, and 82 percent of parents say their Gen Z offspring influence household spending. Those numbers are nothing to scoff at.

So, how can you reach this iGeneration?

By making videos.

YouTube is the unrivaled dominant social media site for teens according to the study, with 95 percent of teens saying they use the video streaming service. The next most popular option is TikTok at 67 percent.

This generation is heavily connected to their smartphones. In fact, 95 percent of teens own or can access a smartphone, and 71% say they do most of their online shopping with a mobile device. The only way to attract this young crowd is to create mobile videos, mobile ecommerce sites, or other phone-based experiences that cater to them.

It goes without saying that marketing to this generation might feel different in many ways, from marketing to other generations, but if done right can be very rewarding and beneficial to your business.

But if it all seems overwhelming to you, don’t fret - we can create a digital marketing plan that works for you and boosts brand trust and loyalty with your Gen Z audience. Contact us today!


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