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Top 12 Payment Processing Options For Your Growing E-commerce Site

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Some may say cash is king, but in a competitive online marketplace, without a seamless and effective way to get paid, your online store cannot deliver value to customers, nor make money - which is the main goal for any business.

top payment processing options for e-commerce

The solution is to find a trusted, reliable online payment method platform that makes the customer experience seamless while giving you more control over your income.

Here’s our roundup of the best credit card processing for small businesses.

  • Shopify – Best overall value

  • Stax – Best for small business

  • Payment Depot – Best for high-volume sales

  • Square – Best for restaurants, retail, and services

  • Helcim – Best for lowering fees

  • Payoneer – Best for international fund transfers

  • 2Checkout – Best for international e-commerce

  • Stripe – Most developer-friendly

  • PayCafe – Best fraud prevention

  • PayPal – Best for creating your first online store

  • PaymentCloud – Best for high transaction volume

  • Wix - Best value for beginners

  • Quickbooks/Freshbooks - Best for accounting and tax reports

As our society moves away from using cash purchases, it’s even more important that your business offers online payment methods. Without adapting to your customer’s needs, you are potentially missing out on more sales. Luckily, as you see above, there are several options, no matter your needs.

Here are our personal recommendations based on the type of website you're developing:

Stripe: It is one of the best payment methods on the market today because it is so versatile. They really shine because of their developer support and automation on advanced features like recurring payments. It allows payments online as well as in person.

Square: It is one of the best options to process payments in person since they provide you with equipment for it. And just like Stripe you have the option for advanced features in your online store. Many shops and cafes have Square at their cash register.

Wix Payments: If your page has been developed in Wix, it is one of the simplest and easiest options to implement. But you do have some limits for advanced options, and if you ever decide to migrate your store to another platform, Wix is not transferable.

Quickbooks/Freshbooks: If you are looking for an option to keep accounting and financial reports, especially when your store is growing, these two options are very advanced. These two options can also offer a combination of accounting services combined with one of the payment options that we have already listed above. However, these two options are generally more useful as your business grows and thrives.

If you need help growing your small business, DS&P can help. We’re dedicated to helping small business owners grow their dream business by providing expert digital marketing services. Contact us today! .

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