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Twitter Introduces Fleets: Disappearing Tweets

It seems that Twitter has taken a page out of Snapchat’s playbook by giving users the opportunity to post temporary tweets that disappear after just 24 hours. Twitter is calling this new tweet format a fleet and is designed to encourage more users to become less passive by joining conversations that won’t last forever on the internet.

twitter fleets

According to Twitter, many users have been complaining that they didn’t feel comfortable expressing opinions on the platform for fear of being flamed, (meaning ridiculed or chastised), or dragged (essentially being dragged through the mud for their tweets).

In today’s cancel culture world it’s not uncommon to see more social media users passively reading than the number of social media members who are actively posting and participating. Everyone is afraid anything they post will come to bite them. So this new way of tweeting makes total sense.

How To Share A Fleet

According to reports, Twitter has already tested fleets in Brazil, India, South Korea, and Italy with positive feedback. Fleets also have additional styling options not available to normal tweets and can have a variety of media and reactions and is now globally available.

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