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Want To Get Noticed On Google Maps? We Can Help With That!

In the age of E-Commerce, driving foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store can be quite the challenge. With companies like Amazon delivering products right to people’s doorsteps, you have to be smart about how you market your storefront and promote your products. Otherwise, you run the risk of closing up shop, and no one wants that.

Google Maps ads for small business

But fear not shop owners! One easy and effective way to attract customers is to advertise on Google Maps. The benefit of advertising on this platform is that most people that go to Google Maps are ready to make a commitment, and are most likely on the go. Showing up in front of them at exactly the right time they need you is one sure way to get more consumers through your door!

People all over the world use Google Maps to help them search for and navigate. In fact, over 1 billion users have downloaded the app, which provides a unique advertising opportunity for small businesses and local retailers. This why we have actively sought out running paid-ad campaigns on the Google Maps platform.

Google Maps ad on desktop

We have now incorporated Google Maps and other social platforms into our marketing strategies and ad campaigns to better assist clients, and provide new ways to generate revenue. Want to start a Google Maps ad campaign, or simply have questions about online marketing? Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you regarding our paid advertising campaigns and strategies.

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