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Why Building An App Will Increase User Engagement

By creating an engaging app you are making sure your business remains relevant and in your customer's mind. Below you will find tactics we regularly use to help our clients improve app engagement for our clients:

Design an impeccable app listing

If your users don't download the app to begin with, there will never be engagement. That's why at DS&P we make it a point to not only create an impeccable looking and functioning app, but we also make sure we advertise it well. Design matters! We focus on benefits, not features to make sure users know how the app will improve their lives.

Take advantage of onboarding

While the users are downloading the app presents a wonderful opportunity to reaffirm your message and the reasons why the user should not live without your app. Some development agencies use the onboarding to teach how to properly use the app, but we continue to focus on benefits instead of features during the onboarding process. You want to give your users a reason(s) why a feature in the app will make their lives better.

Freemium, and Try-Before-You-Buy

We, at DS&P, suggest that you let your users become familiar with your app

before charging for services, or suggesting to register. The value portrayed in the earlier steps of engagement (app listing and onboarding) should continue in this phase by allowing your customers to become familiar with the benefits previously advertised. Authentication and social media login thru facebook or Google+ should only come after they're convinced they want to do business with you.

Speed Only Kills When Running Slow

We live in the instant-gratification age. If your app is not functioning in a fast and reliable manner, more often than not this will kill your engagement. Speed coupled with a minimum-bug experience will invite your users to come back and use the app again.


Push-notifications are intrinsic to make sure users don't forget about your app. The trick is making those notifications relevant. Too many notifications or intrusive ones will tempt the user to move elsewhere for their needs. At DS&P we make sure the benefit focus continues during the user experience environment.

Reaching Out Is The Ultimate Goal

Whether it's feedback, placing an order, or gathering information, users reaching out is the most important part of the engagement process and should be one of the main features on the app. Automated responses letting people know you have received their request and will be contacting them soon, or allowing people to contact your business directly is an important priority. Once an user is reaching out, the engagement process has reached its goal.

Update. Update. Update.

Keeping your app relevant, offering new features, increasing your options, offering new ways for users to engage is an ever-important process of your app's lifespan. At Ds&P we help you develop a structure beyond the initial launch making sure you continue to add value to your users.

Make it an experience

Any app can solve a problem, give information, or create a link between point

A and B. But those apps that create an experience while doing it are the ones that continue to be successful and have a higher user-rating. Solving a need or issue is only half of the story. We help you create an user experience that is recognizable, engaging and not easily forgotten.

Have questions? Are you ready to make your business app a reality? Reach out on the form below.

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