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Does your business need a mobile app?

One of the first questions I get from potential clients is, do you think my business needs an app? Today I've decided to tackle that very important question in our blog.

Most people are under the assumption that you have to be a large company in order to have a business app. You couldn't be more wrong. Increasingly, business of all sizes are starting to develop mobile app solutions in their overall online marketing strategy.

Yes, there is no question that a solid foundation to your online engagement is having a mobile friendly website, but developing a mobile app takes your strategy to the next level. It doesn't matter if you own a small restaurant, a mobile spa, a food truck or a large logistics corporation with a global footprint. All could benefit from the engagement that only a mobile app can achieve.

It's true that your website, social media channels, blog and other platforms can serve a very specific purpose for your branding and overall corporate message, but no other platform can do the following:

• Stay visible with your customers thru notifications

• Create your own marketing platform where you are not competing with everyone else

• Gather personal data so you can tailor your customer’s offerings specifically to them

• Build your branding

• Promote sales, events, news and anything that can create value for your customers

• And above all, promote customer loyalty thru their engagement

The purpose of a business app is to stand-out from all the noise and competition your customers can find on all other platforms. By building an effective, aesthetically pleasing and functional mobile app, you're solidifying your position within your customers to make sure they engage and become loyal to your brand.

At DS&P we have an almost FANATICAL approach to increasing your revenue and profits, and a solid mobile app strategy goes a long way to reinforce that goal. Interested in hearing more? Would you like to discuss your mobile app concept? Fill out the form below.

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