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Mobile Apps - The Five Metrics That Really Matter

Developing a mobile app as a business is only the beginning of a long and rewarding process that can eventually lead to increasing your revenue and establishing loyalty with your existing customers. After you have developed your app, however, it is acutely important to keep your eye on certain metrics which will gauge and substantiate the amount of success your mobile app is experiencing.

Metrics will tell you how many people not only downloaded the app, but it will provide information on how many people interact with it, as well as how often. This will help you manage and adjust your operations in order to maximize the return on investment. Let's look at a few metrics to keep an eye on:


Without a doubt this would be the first and most basic metric to measure. This metric will give you a clear idea on how the mobile app is performing. If downloads are not as frequent as planned, re-evaluation of your marketing strategies, revising the mobile app listing or other small changes in order to maximize the amount of downloads can be done.

Active Users:

This metric will give you the difference between the people who've downloaded the app and the ones that use it on a regular basis. Metrics can be further broken down to sub-categories from daily, weekly and monthly users. Based on those numbers we can make small adjustments to the app in order to engage customers as often as possible with relevant material. Doing so will further expose your branding and create loyalty between your users.


This metric provides you the specific amount of users that came back to the app after they first downloaded. If an app is not built or targeted correctly, your retention rate will always be low. The success rate of a mobile app will always be tied to the it's retention numbers. Luckily this is something that can be easily adjustable to make sure the app is as inclusive as possible.


By keeping an eye on customer feedback, you may be able to gauge and resolve issues, address concerns and build on things that people may like in your app. Reviews can have either a positive or negative effect on potential users, so monitoring this closely can be the difference between success and failure.

Revenue Target

At DS&P we have an almost FANATICAL approach to increasing your revenue and profit. Mobile apps are not an exception. By creating a clear revenue target, and monitoring metrics on it's progress, you are able to follow a pragmatic approach to your mobile app development. If you are not making any money, than we are not making money, and the effort becomes futile. Our job as a mobile app development agency is to make sure we establish clear targets and goals, and adjust accordingly to make sure those are met.

There are plenty of other metrics that can and should be followed, but these five will give you a very clear concept of where your mobile app stands, and where it should go.

At DS&P we have a domestic team of engineers and developers that will make sure your app is developed in a timely manner, and because you are not dealing with foreign teams, there is a trust and accountability you cannot obtain otherwise. Would you like to make changes to your current app? Would you like to build your first one? Please fill out the form below and we will contact you promptly to discuss your needs.

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