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17 Great Logo Designs That Were Unfortunately Rejected

Just because you do awesome work does not mean that you’ll get one approval after another. Such is the reality of life, something that proves to be burdensome for a lot of would-be designers to accept. Unfortunately, having the endurance and motivation to go through it all is one of the traits required of design agencies who would really make it big in the field, and giving up after a rejection or two only shows that this is one industry that they would never break into.

Why Designs are Rejected

So that’s fact number one about being a designer – you may be the most brilliant artist in the world, but that does not save you from rejection. The important thing here is understanding why your designs are rejected and learning from that experience.

Why are designs rejected despite their uniqueness and charm? There are so many reasons. Your design may be groundbreaking and aesthetically amazing, but it may not convey the message that our client was hoping to spread. It could be the epitome of modern design, but there is a possibility that it does not relate well to the specific audience that the client is targeting. Of course, there is also the possibility that us and the client have different taste. The beauty about design and art overall, is that there is no right or wrong answer. You know what they say... "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Inspiration from Rejection

Despite these “no’s” that we get after giving it our best shot, it is no reason to be discouraged. This happens even to the best designers in the world. Instead of taking it personally, giving up, or wasting time moping about it, we use it as inspiration for future projects.

We learn everything that you can from the rejection. What were the client’s reasons? How could we have approached the design in a different manner? What could have made it better?

Being a designer means that you have this unwavering need to improve on things and to make them even better. It’s all about finding ways to make our design better, even if we believed that it was perfect the way it is when we first submitted it.

Here are some awesome logos that unfortunately got rejected for a million different reasons. This is our way to give life to designs and artwork that had been left for dead. In each one of these cases, the client chose a different logo, and all of them went home happy with their selection. Enjoy the rejects:

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