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What Is XR And How Can It Revolutionize Your Business?

XR is short for extended reality. It’s an umbrella term that encapsulates the spectrum of virtual reality (VR) to augmented reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) and can be implemented across all aspects of your business. By utilizing XR now, businesses can position themselves to be leaders in this rapidly evolving landscape. From commerce to entertainment, gaming, social interactions, education and research, XR technology is presenting exciting ways to engage with customers and end-users.

What is XR?

(If you need a further break-down of the different realities and what each platform entails, you can read this article here for more guidance.)

However, for business leaders considering the best way to begin their journey into XR, keep reading.

The Big Three

For most companies adopting new technologies feels like taking a leap in the dark. In order to shed light on the unknowns of XR, we’ve structured three practical and revenue-driving solutions to implement XR into your business.

1. Engagement

Brings a certain layer of fun to your brand. Helps connect in-person shoppers with digital information. Let customers “try out” a product beforehand.

2. Experiences

Immersive interactive experiences allow users to get a better grasp of your company and product line. It transports users to a virtual world, and compels them to explore.

3. Marketing

Connecting brands with audiences in unexpectedly impactful ways. Allows your brand to be seen, innovative, and remembered.

Are you ready to adopt XR technology into your business goals? Now is the time to get started. Contact us today!


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