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Why 2021 Could Be The Best Year To Start Your Small Business

Is there ever really a wrong time to start a new business? Not really. When it comes down to deciding if you’re ready to start a business, it’s more about mindset than timing. However, that being said, Fast Company believes there are some benefits to going all-in as we dive in head first into 2021.

starting a small business in 2021

The Economy Is Fertile Ground

Interest rates have never been lower for entrepreneurs and business owners. In the wake of the pandemic, you also have millions of people looking for new jobs creating an abundance of talent to choose from, which means this may be the big break you’ve been waiting for to realize a lifelong dream!

E-Commerce Is The New Kid In Town

Online sales have surged due to COVID-19. E-commerce has spiked up nearly 40% since the pandemic hit, making it the best and easiest way to launch new products or start a new business. Think about your own shopping behaviors and how they’ve changed in the last few years. In today’s world, you’re better off starting online than trying to open a brick and mortar store upfront.

The Wellness Business Is Booming

Perhaps more than ever, people are prioritizing their lifestyle and taking health into their own hands, spending money on their well-being. At home fitness, vitamin and mineral supplements, at home genetic illness analysis - you name it have all soared over the past year. If there’s anything that the coronavirus showed us is that our society is changing their relationship with health care and how we receive it.

2021 small business owner

There’s no doubt that 2020 taught us to embrace that somethings are out of our control, but it also taught us that there are many things that are within our control and we should focus on putting our energy into areas of our lives that are important or provide solutions for others. If you have a novel product or idea, 2021 can be the perfect launchpad to take creative risks and start or transform an incredible business.

At DS&P we are fully committed to doing everything we can to help your business grow through these difficult times. Whether it’s helping you automate online orders, create online ads, or increase your social media presence, we can help you stay connected to your local community. Reach out today!

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