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Why Investing in Paid Advertising is Essential for YourBusiness

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

A happy customer is at the heart of every business. But before your leads become loyal

customers, they must hear about your business first. And that's why marketing is vital. Engaging and informative ad campaigns will help people learn about your brand and pique their interest in what you offer. But, with so many marketing options available today, it may seem challenging to make the right choices. When investing money into something, you want to know it's worth it. And quality marketing certainly is – it will bring you leads and help your business grow. Here is why investing in paid advertising is essential for your business!

A tablet on a desk - DS&P Digital Marketing Agency
Why Investing in Paid Advertising is Essential for YourBusiness

First, what is paid advertising?

While many methods, such as TV or magazine ads, are tried and true strategies, they're not nearly enough in today's day and age. Now, if you're still marketing like it's 1989, you may not even be aware of all the possibilities of digital marketing. After all, your audience spends more and more time on the Internet. Moreover, they also look for what they need and make purchases online. So, you have to be there to meet them.

Paid advertising is an online marketing model that enables you to participate in real-time

auctions and shows your ads on different platforms and networks. Algorithms choose the

ads to put in an available slot based on their criteria – from the bid amount to the ad's quality and performance. While you need initial investment and a bit of know-how, paid ads have an excellent ROI, and they boost your lead generation and conversion rates, too.

A laptop with digital marketing on the screen. - DS&P Digital Marketing Agency
Digital marketing offers a versatile and effective approach.

What are the different types of paid advertising?

The first good thing about paid advertising is that it comes in many shapes and forms. You can optimize your ad campaigns to suit your business, and you may choose how to pay. For most ads, there are two payment methods: CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per one thousand impressions). Here are some of the most common types of digital marketing ads:

● pay-per-click ads

● search ads

● display/banner ads

● social media ads

● instream ads, and many more.

The benefits of investing in paid advertising

For all these reasons, paid advertising has many advantages. Not only will it improve your

marketing efforts and make them more effective, but it will also lead to your business growth

and boost your conversion rates.

A marketing team discussing paid advertising. - DS&P Digital Marketing Agency
Investing in paid advertising will streamline your marketing efforts and make your campaigns more effective.

It will boost your social media presence

When your audience is online, most of the time, you have to be there too. Social media ads will help you increase your presence and put you in touch with your audience. People search for products and services on social media, research and compare different brands, make purchases, and also share their experiences and opinions. Therefore, being present on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., is vital for every business.

Paid ads will increase brand awareness

Growing brand awareness and recognition is another must today. If you want to convert more leads into customers, they must recognize your brand and develop trust. Paid ads will do precisely that. Your leads will see your content and start recognizing your brand's name. This will pique their interest and encourage them to visit your website and interact with your brand. Increased brand awareness will help you turn visitors into paying clients and grow your revenue.

Target the right audience

You can create these ads in ways that will enable you to find your target audience. Naturally,

your target audience is already interested in your product and more likely to purchase. You can design your ads to target the right demographic or location. That way, you'll reach the right people at the right place and time and generate more qualified leads.

Wooden blocks spelling letters SEO - DS&P Digital Marketing Agency
Online ads use SEO, keywords, and other tools to boost your ranking.

Bring in the new leads and retarget the old ones

Increasing your visibility by investing in paid advertising is a good marketing move because

you'll be able to reach a wider audience. Plus, this marketing type enables you to retarget your leads easily.

How does that work? When someone clicks on your ad, visits your website, or interacts with

your brands, the algorithm will target them and show them your ads on other websites and

platforms. That way, everybody wins. Leads will get the content that interests them, and you'll have better chances of converting them.

Investing in paid advertising is cost-effective

Traditional channels of advertising offer less versatility for your money. Once in motion, it's

challenging to change or adjust the details of your marketing campaign. On the other hand, paid digital advertising gives you more control over all aspects of your campaign – from format and budget to who sees your ads.

You can easily track your marketing spending as well as the effectiveness of your campaign.

This ensures the return on investment is always high, making this marketing affordable and cost-effective.

You can easily create and customize your ads

Because it's simple to measure the effectiveness of your campaign, you'll quickly notice whether it works or not. Apart from an easy opportunity for A/B testing, this also allows you to adjust your messaging to be more purposeful. Targeted and consistent messaging and branding will give your business a competitive edge and help you connect to your customers.

It provides you with valuable insights

Lastly, as you know, collecting and analyzing is vital. If you don't know your campaign's

performance, you can't measure whether your investment is worthwhile. So, you may keep

spending money on a campaign that doesn't bring you the desired results. On the other hand, paid ads allow for easy tracking and measuring. That way, you'll gain valuable insights that will inform your future decisions and strategies.

The final thoughts

In the past, most businesses and brands grew organically, from people hearing about them to slowly becoming interested and turning into customers. However, using only this approach will leave you far behind in today's competitive market. Investing in paid advertising enables you to grow faster, stay competitive and relevant, and stay at the top in your field.

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