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Turn Online Clicks And Photos Into Monetizable Income

You already have a stunning website. Now it’s time to get found online.

DS&P makes it easier than ever to get found online.


SEO, or search engine optimization, is what you do to help your site show up on search engines like Google. Every day, dozens, if not hundreds of potential clients go to a search engine to try to find you. These are clients, business contacts, and possible income sources that are ready to make commitments with companies who are easily and readily available on Google, Bing, Yahoo and all other search engines. These clients can be on a mobile device ready to make financial commitments, but if you're not in the first page or first couple of pages on search results, these clients will never find you. This is what Search Engine Optimization achieves. The ability for your business to be easily found on all search engines, whether the client is looking for you on a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone. Please understand that I'm not referring to people finding your business name online. There is a high probability that if they know your business name, they're already a customer. I'm referring to clients being able to find you by your industry, market or profession. These type of clients don't know you exist, and it's your duty as a successful business owner to make sure they can find you..

Who do we work with?

We look for clients who have the capacity and desire to increase their business. We only work with business owners who understand the value of ranking high in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, and who understand a long term business strategy and long term business growth.

DS&P SEO Blasts has everything you need for your SEO:

• Get a customized plan based on your website, marketplace, keywords and location

• Build online relevance with a detailed, orchestrated blitz across all platforms

• Track your success with comprehensive reports with helpful achievement updates

The image below gives a perfect example of how SEO works.

SEO results for propane company after 3 months - DS&P

A local propane company approached us because they had no online presence to speak off. After creating a website and managing social media for them, here are the numbers for the first month: 617 visits to their website, with 210 coming from google searches, and 155 coming from social media! This can also be your story!

Would you like your website to have thousands of visits per month? Would you like to monetize your content and learn how to multiply your revenue from online sources? Fill out the form below and we will answer all your questions.

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