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Pay-Per-Click and organic SEO - A marriage made in digital heaven.

Pay-per-clicks, AdWords or Social Ads, however you refer to it, the effort can be the difference between complete success and utter irrelevance. If you already have a stunning website, let's work together to get your clients to find you online.

Pay-Per-Click and organic SEO - A marriage made in digital heaven.

First, let's start with the basics:


SEO, or search engine optimization, is what you do to help your site show up on search engines like Google. Are you a small to medium size business owner who wants to take their venture to the next level? Have you considered SEO, but aren't quite sure whether it's really for you? It can be hard to know if it's the right step, but in many cases, it can totally transform your business.

The goal of a successful SEO campaign is to switch your advertising plan to a more effective one. Most types of advertising will involve you sending out bait to see if anyone bites. An effective SEO strategy turns your marketing efforts right-side-up. Instead of you trying to find, and convince customers to come to you, you're strategically placing yourself where the customers who are ALREADY looking for you, can find you.


For several years now, the increase on advertising dollars and business profile relevance on social media, specially on Facebook and Instagram, was very difficult to ignore. Both social media platforms are owned by the same company and historically they have mirrored each other on business strategies. The reason for their popularity amongst the marketing circles was not difficult to figure-out. In one hand, what used to take years or decades of marketing exposure in traditional media to gain relevance, awareness and loyalty, would only take weeks or months in social media when approached correctly. In addition, the price to advertise on social media compared to traditional venues was a fraction of the cost. For those reasons, the growth in revenue dollars coming from businesses advertising on social media platforms has exploded in the last few years. Facebook and Instagram's parent company are now profitable and their perspectives to increase sales have never been better.

The greatest benefit of PPC campaigns is the fact that you only pay for actual clicks, and your ad is only presented to those who, according to data, are more prone to purchase from you in the first place. This combination makes social ads hard to beat when compared to any other marketing effort.

DS&P SEO Blasts has everything you need for your digital marketing strategy:

• Get a customized plan based on your website, marketplace, keywords and location

• Build online relevance with a detailed, orchestrated blitz across all platforms

• Track your success with comprehensive reports with helpful achievement updates

The image above belongs to one of our efforts. Would you like your website to grow from a couple of hundred to 6,892 visits a month? Would you like increase your revenue by the same percentage?

Need more information? All you need to do is CLICK HERE or fill out the form below and you can finally start an effective, revenue producing, marketing campaign.

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