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What Is Digital Marketing and Why Should I Care?

Digital Marketing has become a viral term used by businesses of all sizes. And even thou there is no lack of information online, there seems to be a whole lot of confusion on how to execute an effective and successful digital marketing strategy.

Why should I care about Digital Marketing - DS&P

In reality, a successful digital marketing strategy will include several efforts which collectively carry the only purpose of elevating your online relevance above your competitors. Listed below you will find all the digital marketing efforts your business should be engaged in to maximize the return on your investment and the revenue streams for your business:

Your Website Is A Convertible Sportscar

Your website is a convertible mustang - DS&P

Just about every aspect of digital marketing is driving internet traffic to your website. This is the mother ship and you need to treat it as such. We still see too many websites that were not created with responsive design, meaning they look strange and difficult to navigate on mobile devices. We are seeing approximately 42% of all client traffic coming from mobile devices and that number is likely to increase.

Your website must look good with easy navigation on mobile devices. Visitors must be able to click on a phone number or an email address to contact you. If they have to zoom in or write down the number then you are likely to lose them to a competitor whose site is mobile optimized. The idea is to convert visitors into either a phone call, an email or a walk-in.

Turning Social Media Into Revenue

Turning Social Media Into Revenue

You've upgraded your online presence by creating social media profiles for your business. You're expecting your social media engagement to bring floods of new customers, but it hasn't happened yet. What's missing? What do you need to do? Of the many ingredients that go into each post, there are countless variations. There is no perfect social media post, but there is such a thing as a perfect social media post for your brand.

Every brand will have a different formula for the perfect social media post and it's our job as a marketing agency to determine a full marketing strategy for your social media efforts. The object is not only to promote engagement, but to promote more revenue for your business.

SEO Can Rock Your Business World

DS&P Rocks SEO

The goal of a successful SEO campaign is to turn your marketing efforts "right-side-

up". If you think about it, all other marketing efforts can be compared to fishing.

Allow me to explain.

A fisherman will throw the line in the water in hopes that fish will bite. You can prepare by purchasing the most effective bait, by visiting a prime spot at the optimum hours, and by taking all the gear that might help you during the fishing process. However, you are still throwing a line and hoping a fish will bite. SEO is completely different. Using the fisherman scenario, SEO would be compared to going to a place where fish already know they want to be caught, and they got themselves out of the water, and are walking around the market actively choosing which fisherman they will go with. As a fisherman, wouldn't you want to be in that market? As a business owner, wouldn't you want to place yourself where people who are already looking for your products and services are trying to find you?

SEO has the potential to completely revolutionize your business.

Email Marketing. Why It's Still Relevant

Why is email marketing still relevant - DS&P

Email has changed drastically over time from a client acquisition platform, to a relationship building tool. What we've personally noticed is that by providing substantive and valuable content to your already existing subscribers (clients or otherwise), it promotes repeat business and very often referrals because you're constantly on their subconscious. People say: Out of sight; out of mind. And it couldn't be more true than with existing clients and subscribers.

The key is proving value to your customers, and they will keep coming back to you and referring you business. Don't underestimate email. It can be a very valuable component of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Building A Mobile App Can Supercharge Your Income

Building A Mobile App Can Supercharge Your Income - DS&P

By creating an beautifully designed, highly engaging app, you are making sure your business remains relevant and in your customer's mind. Any app can solve a problem, give information, or create a link between point A and B. But those apps that create an experience while doing it are the ones that continue to be successful and have a higher user-rating. Solving a need or issue is only half of the story. We help you create an user experience that is recognizable, engaging and not easily forgotten.

Pursuing all these efforts will maximize and supercharge your business revenue. The best part of it all is that this kind of marketing is much cheaper than other less effective strategies such as TV, Radio, Direct Mailers and many more. If you have any specific questions about your very own digital marketing contact us below. And if you're ready to supercharge your business revenue, fill out the form below as well and it will be a pleasure to grow together in our efforts.

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