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Facebook's New Focus Will Affect Your Online Marketing

You probably heard the news by now that Facebook will be revising their News Feed so that once again they can focus on member content instead of business pages.

Their statement declared they will "be making updates to its News Feed ranking so people have more opportunities to interact with the people they care about". Of course, that would mean their close friends and family as opposed to business pages.

How does this translate to your current or future social media marketing campaign?

On the surface, the news by Facebook will drastically change the social media marketing landscape, and not all for the better. Zuckerberg wants to highlight personal content above anything else, and that will definitely mean a decrease of traffic and engagement to business pages. Businesses that utilize Engagement Bait such as "Tag a Friend" have always been penalized, but now their algorithms plan to further hide such content from users' feeds. Facebook is not doing away completely with business pages, but they will not show up as often on user's feeds.

Why would Facebook risk the corporate backlash?

You have probably heard all the criticism by legislators and other sources trying to establish regulations on Facebook given their media status. Facebook has vehemently denied they are a media company and one key factor that will sway the pendulum one way or the other is whether Facebook gives priority to paid content as opposed to user content. By establishing clear guidelines they are giving priority to user content they avoid the dreaded label and inherent scrutiny.

So... what do we do now?

It is important to utilize this as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of business pages and social media marketing attempts out there already, but those who continue to engage in old marketing strategies, or the incorrect ones as such, will start losing ground to the ones that market correctly. At DS&P we are always strategizing and creating revised and efficient online marketing options including on social media. By creating more engaging, organic, and more aesthetically pleasing content, your business can utilize the current shifting marketplace to your advantage. Your business content will stand out from all the social media noise and your competitors, and ultimately, your company will get a better return on your investment.

Do you need to change your online marketing? Would you like to consult with us about your social media page? Have questions? Fill out the form below.

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