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What, If Anything, Can You Do To Move Up On Search Engines? Part 2

Last week we provided an introduction to what SEO means and it's potential for you business. Today we will look at specific strategies that will help you elevate your search ranking on Google and other search engines.

There are several ways to increase your ranking for the services you offer.

1) The first step is to do keyword research. We will look at the monthly traffic in your target area for specific services or keywords you would like to target. This give us an idea on the potential for your business and analyze where there is a market and opportunity in your area. 2) The second step is to look at the competition. We analyze your competitors to provide a good idea on how to improve your company’s online presence. We look how they got there and we establish a strategy to not only meet their same level of marketing, but surpass them. 3) Third step, we also analyze your website structure. Is it responsive? Is it loading fast? Are there any structural issues that may negatively affect your SEO efforts long term? Are you mobile friendly? The object is to increase your website loading times. Slow websites get a lower ranking. 4) The fourth step is to analyze your website. This is called on-site SEO optimization. We look at your content, your website structure, URL structure, see if you have any broken links, properly connect your website pages with each other, develop optimized page titles, heading, tags, and optimization of your media. On-site-SEO is only about 25% of what contributes to ranking higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), but if this 25% is not done properly, the other 75% of SEO will simply not help no matter what you do. On site SEO is must be done properly in order to get the ball rolling for the work we do later down the road. On-site SEO can last from 15-45 days depending on your websites current status. 5) In the fifth step we also look at the rest of your online presence and marketing efforts. Do you have properly built, correctly created and optimized social media channels? Do you have an sturdy email marketing campaign? Do you have a blog that offers content and value to your online presence? All these factors add relevance to your online efforts.


No, there are several other services that you can include in your campaign. There are pay-per-click services (PPCs) like Google AdWords, Facebook and other social media advertising, and others. We can also provide management to all your online marketing efforts including PPCs. We usually recommend AdWords after your SEO efforts have started so that you have a solid, fully optimized structure and foundation on which you can implement your PPC campaign in order to maximize results. We can discuss targets, implementation and budgets once your SEO efforts have started. Have questions? Would you like to get your own SEO or PPC campaign started? Fill out the form below.

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